PC and console gamers are pretty hyped about the upcoming games. Mobile gaming, on the other hand, has not received much spotlight. So here are a few mobile games for smartphones that we recommend checking out if you have some time to kill.

PUBG Mobile

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PUBG is already a massively popular game, and for good reason. The exhilaration of being stranded on an island with nothing but your wits and courage, having to fight almost literally tooth and nail with a hundred others to survive is just not something you can find everywhere. Now, with this mobile version, you can experience all of this just about any time you want to.

This mobile version is basically the same as the PC version, but with trimmed down graphics and interface to fit the mobile platform. That is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, one could make an argument to the contrary. Since it is much harder to snipe down someone from miles away when you play on a small phone screen, you are more likely to have to take it up close and personal. This makes skirmishes more intense. Overall, this is one of those mobile games that you just can’t go wrong with.

Alto’s Adventure

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Infinite runner is a genre of mobile games that is a great way of passing free time. There are tons of games of this genre out there on the market. Unfortunately, most of them are filled with annoying microtransactions. They are made with the purpose of sucking money from players. That is not the case for Alto’s Adventure. In this simple 2D game you will play as a young man snowboarding across a snowy mountain. The gorgeous background changes as you move on, day will pass and night will fall, and the music is just so relaxing. This is a great game to pass free time.

Shadowgun Legends

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If you want a fast, exciting Destiny-style first person shooter game on your phone, then this is the one for you. In this game, you are put in a hub, which has many stores you can visit, many NPC and players you can interact with. And when you are ready, you can embark on a series of missions to save the Earth from alien invasion and become the greatest legend of all.

While the game claims it is free to play, there are many obnoxious microtransactions, and that could get irritating. However, it takes away very little from the experience. You can absolutely play the game without paying too much. And if you do, you will find that Shadowgun Legends is surprisingly deep for a mobile game.

Knights of Pen & Paper

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Dungeons and Dragons is probably one of the most, if not the most, popular tabletop role-playing games. It has inspired many digital role-playing game, one of which is Knights of Pen & Paper. The creative part of this game is that you don’t directly play as an adventurer in the mythical world with dragons and monsters, but as a group of friends playing Dungeons and Dragons, who in turn control the adventurers. These friends will sometimes talk “in character”, and sometimes they will break character and talk to each other like buddies playing game.

This unique idea adds to the gameplay as well. You begin the game with two friends, each one is a combination of a base character, a race and a class. Overtime the group expands and there are more characters coming in. Combat is turn-based. You have control over the Dungeon Master as well. You can choose which combat to take, which adventure to send the characters on.

Currently Knights of Pen & Paper only has two campaigns. However, we can be sure that more will be coming.


mobile games reigns

Are you familiar with Tinder? The dating app where look at other people’s profile, swipe right if you like them, swipe left to pass by, sounds familiar? Then how about a “Tinder” that doesn’t just simply help you find a potential partner, but gives you the power over an entire kingdom with your swipes? Because that is exactly what Reigns is.

In this game, you play as the ruler of a failing kingdom. To restore it, you have to decide which course of action to take when a problem is presented to you by your subordinates by swiping to the right or left. Every decision could have unforeseeable consequences much further down the road. It is very satisfying to know that your decisions carry weight, that you decide the fate of not only individuals, but an entire kingdom. This game is one of those great time-killer while you wait for the bus or on the train. You can just wipe out your phone, swipe a couple of times, then put it away.

Bottom line

These are just a few entries out of many great mobile games out there. However, we feel like each of these game has its own uniqueness that deserves recommendation. If you are looking for some good mobile games to play, you should definitely try them out.