At this point, it’s common knowledge that mobile technology is developing by leaps and bounds and rapidly catching up with console. Recently, Apple has even been advertising that its iPad Pro can match the power of an Xbox One.

The Nintendo Switch, meanwhile, has proven that there’s a big demand for console games that can be played on the go. So, why haven’t developers brought their games to mobile? The platform for sure has a bigger audience compared to the Switch, as almost everybody owns a smartphone these days.

If the Switch can have triple-A titles like Skyrim, why can't mobile?

So, if power is not the issue here (because seriously, we’re having some very strong hardware in our pockets) then what is? Battery length? Well, the Switch has that problem also, but that isn’t stopping Nintendo from constantly pumping out new games. Besides, most people nowadays have a power bank anyway, which helps mitigate the problem.

The more sensible argument here is that perhaps developers are reluctant to work on the touch-based controls of smartphones, which is commonly thought to be more limited and thus more complicated.

If Switch can have console games, why can’t mobile?

So, should Google and Apple make their storefronts friendlier for developers? Absolutely. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Something as simple as a disclaimer before you buy something, or maybe a badge on the store pages, would suffice.

Fortnite Mobile For Android
Fortnite works just well on mobile, and people want more

And speaking of buying, another reason that most developers shy away from mobile is because consumers are often reluctant to spend money on these games. This problem is especially prominent on Android, where the majority of games are subjected to piracy. So, why should developers spend tons of effort to make massive, high-quality games on mobile only to have them stolen by pirates? They’d feel safer on the Switch, as games on this platform are practically impossible to crack.

Premium games would come with premium prices, and honestly, how many people are willing to pay $60 for a mobile game, no matter how good it is?

Is a controller-only option on Google Play a necessity?

Apex Legends 1
Apex Legends might be the next big hit to on the touchscreen

This has to change if we want developers to pay more attention to the mobile platform, although for the most part it is up to Google and Apple to fix this issue rather than us. But how? Consumers will not be buying expensive mobile games anytime soon, so perhaps a subscription service is the way to go?

Well, only time will answer that question. Right now, what we can do is showing supports to game developers by purchasing premium mobile titles every now and then.