The latest puzzle game called Piffle can be considered as the “baby” of two famous games in the same field - Puzzle Bobble and Breakout. Similar to the other game of this kind, in this game you have to guide your friend, which is a little cat, to go through many levels. The main mission is to destroy all the blocks on the screen. The game is pretty simple and easy to get used to, however, some levels in the game will bring you any amount of challenges which will surprise you.

It’s also very easy to control the game. To change the trajectory of the “cats bullets”, you just need to swipe on the screen, after that, you just need to let go of your finger and the “bullets” or the “Piffle balls” will be launched towards the blocks. The Piffles will not stick to or go through the blocks but instead, bounce off them as they hit, so you need to carefully choose the best angles possible before releasing.

It’s simple to finish a level of this game, but in order to get the highest score you can, you have to really make an effort. You will earn bounce combo when your “Piffles” bounce against the walls or the blocks. That combo will later be added to your then points when the Piffle balls finish bouncing.

Speaking of style, you are also able to earn some materials throughout the game, which you can use to make new Piffles. Each of the Piffles is different from the others but they are all equally adorable and they are all controlled and released by you (or the cat). There are plenty of different Piffles waiting for you to discover. Try and find you that best represent you!

Here are some more pictures of the game:

Piffle will start bouncing on App Store and Google Play from the 6th of October.