Echo of Soul is a familiar title among the list of growing PC MMORPGs. Now, it’s heading towards mobiles under the title Echo of Soul RED (EoS RED), as confirmed by developer Blue Potion Games.

Echo Of Soul RED
EoS RED, arriving in third quarter of 2019.

The original Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul is all about the Soulkeepers and their divine mission to save the world from evil. Such Soulkeepers are what players will create in the game. What sets EoS apart from other MMORPGs is the lack of locked roles. Players in EoS can either go for tanking or dealing damage, whichever they prefer. Also, healing isn’t just what supports would do but a responsibility for the whole team instead.

Echo of Soul - Echo of Soul RED
Echo of Soul is a popular multiplayer online RPG by Nvius. The Open Beta began in South Korea on September 2013, October 2014 for China and May 2015 for Western territories.

Echo of Soul RED

Regarding EoS RED, it will come out some time between June and September this year, marking the first appearance on mobiles. For your information, the company confirmed the usage of Unity engine in the game’ development phase. That being said, gamers can expect top-notch high-quality graphics in the game once it hits the platform. Take a look at a quick teaser trailer here:

EoS RED will follow the original EoS and focus on the fan favorite PVE dungeons. For competitive players, they can expect a unique upcoming PK system. Additionally, EoS RED features a free economic system, which would require a lot of thinking from players. They will need to come up with a decent overall strategy to get more resources as they progress.

As for now, we’re still waiting for a specific date from Blue Potion Games to release EoS RED. Don’t mind the wait and stick around since more details will come through media events in this summer.