Universal Brand Development, along with SMG Studio, officially announced the release of Fast and Furious: Takedown, a fresh mobile title of the notorious franchise. The action-racing game will feature unique one-touch gameplay along with plus 60 vehicles, freely customizable.

The game is currently allowing players to pre-register and will be launched soon.

Fast And Furious Takedown
The game will feature thrilling experiences will one-touch control.

Fast and Furious: Takedown will feature renowned vehicles originated in the Fast and Furious films. Also, recognizable characters from the movies such as Dom, Hobbs, and Shaw will direct players through the game's immense activities. You will have the chance to compete with different racers from around the globe in the Versus Leagues.

According to Chris Heatherly, one of the key people at Universal, the game will be the combination of both thrilling, unique Fast and Furious experience and a fun, simple yet intriguing gameplay so that a wider range of players will find it interesting.

Fast and Furious: Takedown
The crazy car stunts are definitely still there

The game is developed as a collaboration between Universal's team along with Thumb Drift's developer SMG Studio. It is also the first mobile game to be released by Universal. They will keep developing various games on other platforms as well.

Ashley Ringrose, SMG's chairman, hopes that the game's impressive one-touch gameplay will satisfy the Fast and Furious fans.

Check out the gameplay below!

Players who choose to pre-register will earn special game stuff once it is officially launched. The layered prizes program will unlock various different items once pre-registrations reach certain milestones.

At 250,000 pre-registration, an interesting custom decal will be given free to every player when the game is officially accessible around the world. Extra gifts will also be rewarded to players at the 500,000, 750,000, and 1 million pre-registration mark.

The game is promised to be released and available soon on both Android and iOS devices.