Being one of the most unique features of the game, Free Fire Incubator is a periodical event that offers players exclusive gun skins and bundles that they cannot find in the usual online store. Regularly, the Free Fire incubator is refreshed with brand new stunning collections. This week, the game has updated the incubator with 2 collections at the same time: the Futuristic SCAR gun skins and the Legend Of Swordsman bundle. Take a look at these items and how to get them in the on-going incubator.

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Free Fire Incubator: The Futuristic SCAR Gunskins

Having been made available in-game starting from November 18, the new Free Fire Incubator brought back the legendary Futuristic SCAR skins with 5 different shades.

From the home page, open the Luck Royale tab, you will see the new Futuristic SCAR spin with which you stand a chance to win evolution stones and many other valuable prizes. Tap enter to see the details of gun skins. Here is the detail of the collection and the number of blueprints and evolution stones you need to obtain one.

Ultimate Titan SCAR

Fire Rate: ++
Damage: +
Ammo: -

This is the highest prize of the incubator that costs you 3 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints to get.

The Beast SCAR

Damage: ++
Accuracy: +
Reload Speed: -

This item is available at 5 Evo Stones and 2 Blueprints.

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The list of SCAR skins available in the Futuristic SCAR Incubator

Paradise SCAR

Reload Speed: ++
Fire Rate: +
Range: -

The Paradise SCAR is not a bad idea if you cannot get the Ultimate Titan SCAR. You can get this item with just 3 Evo Stones and 1 Blueprint.

Inferno SCAR

Range: ++
Damage: +
Reload Speed:  -
Price: 3 Evo Stones and 1 Blueprint

Golden Strike SCAR

Accuracy: ++
Range: -
Price: 3 Evo Stones and 1 Blueprint

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Free Fire New Incubator

Free Fire Incubator: The Legend Of Swordsman

Another Incubator collection that just came out a few days ago is The Legend Of Swordsman bundle including 4 stunning bundles: Sakura Swordsman, Sakura Swordswoman, Cyber Swordsman, and Cyber Swordswoman.

To obtains exclusive prizes from the Free Fire-new incubator, players will need to get enough Evolution Stones and Blueprints to redeem the rewards. The incubator spin is the place where you can get some Evolution Stones as well as many other valuable items. Meanwhile, the Blueprint is more challenging to obtain as you will need to complete tasks in events to get a few.

Above is some helpful information about Free Fire new incubator: The Futuristic SCAR gun skins and The Legend Of Swordsman bundles. Visit our website for more interesting news about games and entertainment.

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