The much-awaited 3rd-anniversary event of Garena Free Fire is now live on global servers after yesterday’s maintenance. It brings tons of surprises and free rewards for you to claim. The event series stretches from 13th to 30th August 2020, the 23rd - the anniversary day, being the peak. 

time tunnel free fire
Celebrate Free Fire's 3rd birthday with the Time Tunnel Event

As you may already know, every major event in Free Fire comes with a unique set of tokens. You can collect them by playing certain modes or completing missions. The 3rd anniversary of the game is no exception. The exclusive token of the series id called “Blue Chip”. Collect and exchange them for various rewards in the Capsule Store. 

Perbedaan Time Capsule Store Normal Dan Ultra
Plenty of items await you in the event

How To Collect Blue Chips In Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Event

During the event period from 13th to 30th August, you will get a Blue Chip for every match you play. You can get up to five chips per day. On the peak day of the event (23rd August), players will acquire 5 chips each match and the limit taken down. Another way to get your hands on Blue Chips is by playing with the Time Tunnel. For every 10 Time Tokens you put in, you will get one Blue Chip back. 

Note: The Blue Chip acquisition works for all the game modes. 

How To Use Blue Chips In Time Capsule Store

You can see that there are two prize sets in the Time Capsule store: a Normal one, and an Ultra one. Guess what will bring you better rewards? Use the Blue Chips you save up to exchange for available items. The Norma Time Capsule prize set is already unlocked for every player, while the Ultra set only opens when you hit the required progress in the Time Tunnel. You can either exchange one time (cost 1 chip) or 10 times (cost 10 chips). The rewards will be a random item from the set. 

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Blue Chip Event
Collect Blue Chips to exchange for various rewards

Notable items from the Normal Time Capsule rewards are Psycho Maniac set and Cheetah gun skin trials. You can claim them for as many times as you wish. The Ultra Time Capsule prize set contains Jaws Maniac Mask, Hysterical Backpack, and other small rewards. However, there’s a limit on the time you can claim them.