Garena Free Fire has established itself as one of the best in the Battle Royale genre on the mobile platform. The game offers a unique character system with special abilities that could help players gain massive advantages. Male or female, they all have the power to completely turn the tide of the battleground. However, there will always be clear favorites among gamers. Let's check out the top 5 female characters in Garena Free Fire as of January 2021.

#1 A124

Kicking off the list, we have A124. Her active ability is "Thrill of Battle". It allows her to quickly convert 25 EP into HP at a 90-second cooldown at the first level. "Thrill of Battle" increases its effect as the character levels up.

#2 Laura

Next stop, Laura brings her skill to the battleground with a passive ability - Sharp Shooter. At the first level, it increases accuracy when using scopes by 10. As the character levels up, her ability also improves, up to a maximum of 30 points.

Top5 Female Characters Laura
Laura in Free Fire

#3 Moco

Coming in at number three, it's Moco with her passive ability - Hacker’s Eye. It tags enemies that Moco inflicts damage for two seconds at the base level. As the players level up the ability, the tag duration increases.

Top5 Female Characters Moco
Moco in Free Fire

#4 Kapella

In the fourth place, we have Kapella and her impressive passive ability - Healing Song. This ability increases the effects of healing items and skills by 10%. It also reduces the ally HP loss when knocked down by 20%.

Top5 Female Characters Kapella
Kapella in Free Fire

#5. Dasha

Last but not least, it's Dasha with her passive ability - Partying On. It reduces fall damage by 30% as well as the recovery time from falls by 60%. There is also a 6% reduction in the recoil build-up, and the maximum recoil rate.


Free Fire Dasha
Dasha is the latest female character in Free Fire