Google Stadia did not have the best possible start for a new game streaming platform. In fact, the future of the project doesn't look very promising because of the severe lack of games! However, Google is trying to fix the Stadia's glaring weakness by opening up a new game development studio.

google stadia games
The current library of games is pretty good, but quite small compared to others

A new game studio, called Stadia Games and Entertainment, is opening up in Playa Vista, California, USA. The leader of the studio is Shannon Studstill, who is a long-time game industry veteran. Studstill has an impressive resume. She has over 20 years of being at PlayStation developer Sony Santa Monica and vice president of product development and head of studio.

Also, she was the executive producer of the critically-acclaimed God of War 4. For many people, God of War 4 is one of the best games of all time.

New studio - More games

The new studio is focusing on developing exclusive games that can make the Google Stadia stand out more and fix the lack of games. A blog post from vice president and head of the new Stadia Games and Entertainment Jade Raymond confirms the purpose of the new studio.

google stadia games
Let's hope the new games will make Google Stadia more desirable

The studio “will focus on delivering exclusive games, using new gameplay mechanics, creative ways to play together and unique interaction models that we’re just starting to explore," according to the blog post.

"While we’re not ready to share specific game plans yet. Rest assured we are listening to what gamers want and adding our own Stadia twists to create new IP and experiences”.

Not a lot of details have emerged on what Stadia Games is working on. We only know that there will be more "new IP". In addition, it will be assisting other devs in making Stadia-exclusive games. This would help the platform more valuable for players.

google stadia games
Right now we need more games than how many screens we can play from

Google's first in-house development studio is in Montreal, which began operation last year. That studio serves the same purpose as the new one, as in making original games and assisting other third-party devs. The new studio would definitely help with making Google's promise to add 10 times more exclusive games a reality.

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