Free Fire has been growing extremely fast in recent years and it gives many Free Fire YouTubers a chance to grow their channel. Many Free Fire channels have blown up with millions of subscribers thanks to this.

Gyan Gaming is one of the most recognizable names in the Free Fire community in India. He has been around for 5 years with one of the biggest Free Fire YouTube channels of 13.3 million subscribers.

In this article, we are going to show you everything you need to know about this YouTuber, including Gyan Gaming UID, stats, face, monthly income, and more.

1. Free Fire Gyan Gaming bio, real name, face

Gyan Gaming's real name is Sujan Mistri, one of the most popular Free Fire content creators from India. He was born on 3th, November 1996 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. His channel Gyan Gaming is currently having 13.3 million subscribers with a total of almost 1.9 billion views. His channel produces mostly Free Fire content but he also has many contents for many other games such as GTA 5, Fortnite, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Call Of Duty Mobile, PUBG Moblie.

Gyan Gaming's best friends are AS Gaming and Raistar, who are also popular Free Fire content creators.

His most popular video has more than 25 million views. It is titled "8 Years Boy Challenge Raistar | 1 Tap Shot Clash Squad 1 vs 1 | Garena Free Fire ."

Here is a photo of Gyan Gaming from his Instagram, which has over 1.7 million followers. He is very active on social media.

Gyan Gaming
Gyan Gaming is very active on his social media, which results in a huge number of followers.

2. Free Fire Gyan Gaming UID and stats

Free Fire Gyan Gaming UID is 70393167. His in-game name is GyanSujan. His profile is currently at level 79 with 60702 likes. The YouTuber is the leader of the guild GyanGamingGG. Gyan Gaming Guild ID is 61721403.

In the current Battle Royale ranked season, he is at Platinum IV. He got a Heroic Emblem for getting to Heroic rank in the previous ranked seasons. As for Clash Squad mode, he is currently in the Gold I tier. Let's check out more details about Free Fire Gyan Gaming stats below.

Gyan Gaming Free Fire
Gyan Gaming UID and profile in Free Fire

Lifetime Battle Royale stats

Gyan Gaming has played a total of 19138 matches in Squad mode and won 6832 of them, making up a win rate of 35.69%. With a total of 68787 kills in this mode, he got a great K/D ratio of 5.59.

In Duo mode, the YouTuber only played 2235 matches with 510 victories, which translates to a win rate of 22.81%. He accumulated a total of 6107 kills in this mode, which gives him a K/D ratio of 3.54.

In Solo mode, he has finished 1441 matches and emerged victorious 159 times, which is an 11.03% win rate. Gyan Gaming took down a total of 2363 players in this mode, which is a K/D ratio of 1.84.

Gyan Gaming Free Fire Battle Royale
Gyan Gaming Free Fire lifetime Battle Royale stats.

We can see that the Squad mode is the main game mode of Gyan Gaming and he also performs the best in this mode. Both his win rate and K/D ratio are outstanding in this mode, far exceeding most other players and even streamers. He also has a great record in Duo mode with a high K/D ratio.

Gyan Gaming is a player with a great strategic mind which is super important in Duo mode and Squad mode. It also might be why he doesn't perform that well in Solo mode.

Lifetime Clash Squad stats

Gyan Gaming is not really active in Clash Squad mode as he only played 1170 matches so far. His win rate in this mode is pretty good though at 592 wins and a 50.60% win rate. The YouTuber accumulated a total of 5693 kills with a 1.27 K/D ratio in this mode.

Gyan Gaming Free Fireclash Squad
Gyan Gaming Free Fire lifetime Clash Squad stats.

Note that these stats are recorded at the moment of writing this article and they are subjected to changes in the future.

3. Free Fire Gyan Gaming monthly income

According to Social Blade, he generated a total of 47 million views in the latest 30 days. That means Gyan Gaming monthly income is roughly $11.7K to $187K. His yearly income is estimated at $140.8K to $2.3M.

This is the estimated earning from YouTube views alone and does not include other sponsor deals with other brands and donations from his fans.

Gyan Gaming Free Fire Income
Free Fire Gyan Gaming monthly income based on his views from YouTube.

4. Free Fire Gyan Gaming social media

Here are all the social handles of Gyan Gaming:

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