Smash Dungeon from solo developer Plastic Cow Games is basically what you’d get if you combine the classic arcade title Smash TV with the more recent action game Gauntlet, as it’s a top-down hack-and-slash title in which you’ll progress through a series of rooms in procedurally-generated dungeons fighting enemies and picking up loot.

Smash Dungeon
A hack-and-slash game with a top-down perspective where you fight through a series of levels and collect loot

We reported on this game back in February when an early gameplay footage first surfaced and really liked how it looked. Since then, however, its progress has been slower than what we expected, and there was not a lot of information on how the development process was going.

Luckily, things look like they’ve been getting back on track for the past month or so, as Plastic Cow has just released a brand new gameplay trailer for Smash Dungeon, giving us a glimpse at how a typical run would look like. You can check it out right below:

It seems a lot of content and details have been added over the past 5 months or so since the last time we checked in on Smash Dungeon. The game now has a Binding of Isaac-like vibe to it in addition to the Smash TV and Gauntlet inspirations, which is certainly exciting. The game also promises numerous items and abilities, plenty of options for character customization, as well as several types of enemies, each with its own mechanics and challenges, so that’s another thing that we have to look forward to.

Each type of enemies has its own mechanics and challenges

There is no release date confirmed for Smash Dungeon just yet, but the game is getting closer and closer to the finish line, that’s for certain. A beta should be coming in the near future - in "a few more weeks" according to the developer - and we’ll be sure to let you know once it does. Also, it is expected to be a premium release. Stay tuned for more updates.