Free Fire servers were under maintenance yesterday, on May 7th, 2020. However, after the maintenance, many players cannot log in and play the game as usual. A number of Free Fire players encountered the error ‘Access Token Invalid, Please Relogin’. Check out how to fix this error here with

Fix Login Error In Free Fire

The servers were broken down for maintenance yesterday. When the developers reopen servers for players, a number of Free Fire players cannot access to the game.  They received a system message of ‘access token invalid, please relogin’. This error does not happen to all players. Therefore, many of them thought that their account got hacked or banned.

Free Fire Players Meet Login Problem
Many Free Fire Players Meet Login Problem

However, the devs confirmed that it was a technical issue that happened to all servers across the world. They also said that the developers were working hard to fix it after getting feedback from players. Those who meet this problem should stay calm and wait until the error is fixed. The data and accounts are secured.

The Game Does Not Work Due To Connection Error Aft
The game does not work due to connection error after maintenance

Garena has announced the problem on a Facebook post to keep players calm. They are working on the error and update it as soon as possible. Players can come back when the problem has been solved well. During the maintenance, the developers of Free Fire has expanded the size of the servers and made some adjustments. They also brought the casual Clash Squad mode to the Kalahari map.

All these improvements and adjustments will make the game more exciting. When the login error has been fixed already, the game will come back to you with a better experience. Now, you should not be panic because your accounts are still safe. The problem will be fixed soon.