Sega - a Japanese-based multinational video game developer and publisher - just run a live-stream program on November 22, 2018. At this very program, it was revealed that the company’s upcoming mobile game title called IDOLA Phantasy Star is going to be launched on the 27th of November. The launch is actually also a part of the commemoration for the 30th-anniversary of the game series Phantasy Star.

Team up with other players and defeat the monsters

For those millennials who are not very familiar with this series out there, the first title of the series was officially released in the year 1987 for players who used the Sega Master System. The series was famous for having an overworld Role Playing Game system similar to the all-time popular franchise Dragon Quest.

Idola Phantasy Star Saga Trailer

After that, the game’s spin-off has evolved into all kinds of variants of Role Playing Game, which range from a Massively Multiplayer Online to a turn-based Role Playing Game. The mobile phone iteration of the game will become a command Role Playing Game in which players will be required to tap on the abilities accordingly in order to launch their attacks.

There are many levels for you to explore

Although releasing a mobile version has always been the stem of worry for a series that was mainly developed and released for console users, those who are fans of Phantasy Star Online may be able to find something to like in IDOLA Phantasy Star. After all, it is currently being made by the core members who participated in the creation of Phantasy Star Online 2, such as Tomomasa Chin - the game’s director and Shuntaro Tanaka - its producer.

Thrilling moment of battling against bosses

At the moment, there is little information about how the final version of this game will turn out to be. The only piece of information we’ve got so far is that it looks surprisingly close to Fate/Grand Order. However, as it has a considerably high profile nature, we are still expecting to have further news about it.