Recently, an Indian man has become somewhat of a meme in the PUBG community, particularly in India, after he posted a picture of his wedding day with his bride, who he says is his teammate in this popular battle royale game, on his Facebook.

Mohammed Rasheen was born in 1990. He studied Architecture at Manipal School of Architecture and Planning. After graduating in 2016, he is currently working as an architect.  On August 15 2018, Rasheen posted on Facebook a picture of him and his wife, Salwa Ahamed, on their wedding day. In this picture, both husband and wife are holding their phones with the game PUBG Mobile on them. The picture is captioned “Finally married my PUBG squad mate”.

"Finally married my PUBG squad mate" - Mohammed Rasheen

This picture then became viral amongst PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' community. As of 20 October 2018 it has racked up over 10,500 likes, 2,800 comments and almost 7,500 shares. Many sites related to PUBG have featured it on their Facebook fanpage. The story was also brought to the attention of the international community when a user by the name of 5amar31 shared it on Reddit.

The post received a lot of positive comments. Beside people that congratulate the couple and wish them a happy married life, there are those that appear envious (but in a joking way), complaining that they can’t even find decent teammates in their games, let alone the love of their lives. Others ask Rasheen to share his secret of picking up girls in PUBG.

Mohammed Rasheen & Salwa Ahamed Wedding Highlight

Since its release, PUBG has become massively popular across the globe. These days, there are approximately 500,000 players active in the game at any moment. The game once had over 3,236,000 players playing at the same time at its peak.  The number of daily active players is around 20 million. Among that many players, there are bound to be hundreds of thousands of girls. So for those PUBG players out there that are still single, don’t lose hope. You might run into your soulmate one day when you least expect it.