PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, more commonly referred to as PUBG, has become a kind of phenomenon amongst gamers all across the globe. Ever since the game was launched, its popularity has only been growing. However, this has led to several issues. Of late, addiction to this popular battle royale game has also been a highly controversial topic, especially in India. In a recent development, a man has reportedly left his wife who was four months pregnant because he was addicted to PUBG.

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Recently, a Facebook post – allegedly from the wife - has gone viral which says that this man was introduced to PUBG by his siblings then started to get absorbed into it. This led to a lot of tension between the couple as the husband was apparently staying up all night to play the game, neglecting his work and other responsibilities to his family in the process. Eventually, he decided to leave his family so that he could continue playing the battle royale. According to the post, it has been a month since the man was missing. In another report, a fitness trainer from Jammu was hospitalized last month because of PUBG addiction. At the time, a doctor stated that the patient was “unstable” and had “lost his mental balance.”

Husband Leaves Pregnant Wife Family Due To His Pub
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This comes after an eleven-year-old boy from Maharashtra sent a letter to 7 ministers urging for a ban on PUBG Mobile, linking the game to violence and aggression.

Last Sunday, Goa’s minister of Information Technology Rohan Khaunte said that there had to be a law to curb this online game. He even went so far as to call PUBG a “demon” in every household, as many students are disregarding their studies because they are preoccupied playing this game.

Already the government of Gujarat has issued a circular directing all district primary education officers (DPEOs) to take the steps necessary to ensure that PUBG is not played in all primary schools across the state.