The PMCO South Asia Regional Finals has ended with the triumph of Entity Gaming and SouL. Entity Gaming took home $60,000 as the Regional champion and SouL took home $30,000 as the runner-up. Team SouL has been going through some roster changes lately which hurt their performance a lot. But then MortaL decided to come back to the competitive scene and fight for team SouL in the PMCO Fall Split. As a result, team SouL was directly qualified for the PMCO Grand Finals. MortaL was extremely happy about this result so he sent a message to his fans, teammate, other players to express his gratitude towards them.

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MotaL's message to his fans, teammates and other players

First, MortaL congratulates Entity Gaming on being the champion of PUBG Mobile India then he congratulates IND, INS, and SynerGE for reaching the top 5.

After that, he shows his gratitude to his dear friends and teammates Viper, ClutchGod, and Regaltos. ClutchGod and Regaltos are new, but they were able to stand toe to toe to other experienced players with great teamwork. Their absolute trust in MortaL helped the team to go this far.

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Entity Gaming crowned as the champion of India

The competition in the PMCO Grand Finals will even be tougher than this, but MortaL promises that they will learn from their mistakes and try their best against top teams from around the globe.

Lastly, MortaL says he wants to donate all of his prize money in this Regional qualification to the Indian Army.

Pubg Mobile Club Open Fall Split Global Finals Pmc 0203_wm
Check out the PMCO Grand Finals on November 29

This is the reason why MortaL is the most beloved PUBG Mobile player in India. While he is one of the best Indian PUBG Mobile players, he is still a very humble, grateful person.

The PMCO Grand Finals will be coming soon on November 29th. Remember to check it out and see if SouL and Mortal can become the Global Champion.