PUBG Mobile has changed the gaming industry in India thanks to its popularity. It has now become an undeniable part of the life of most youth in India. Even the police have recognized the influence of the game now and started to use PUBG Mobile to advise people to stay inside their house and stop the spread of the coronavirus. Not very surprising, the post received a lot of attention thanks to their humor.

If you are a true PUBG player, you will know the rule, stay inside a house during the Red Zone

If you are a PUBG player, you can definitely relate to this situation. Going outside during the Red Zone in PUBG is very dangerous and so do going outside during the coronavirus outbreak.

However, this is not the first time the Mumbai police have done a Twitter post like this to raise the awareness of people. In 2018, they made a post to tell people to wear a helmet while traveling on the street, using the iconic image of PlayerUnknown with a Level 3 Helmet to demonstrate.

You try your best to get a Level 3 Helmet in PUBG to survive, so why don't you do the same in real life

These posts are truly hilarious as they brought 2 things that have almost nothing in common together in an unexpected way and totally sensible. Maybe these police officers are PUBG players too. If you keep making these creative posts like this, I am sure that they will be able to get all the attention they need and spread out good messages.

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