What’s up, Harvest moon fans? Get ready to start a new journey because Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is finally released on iOS today and you can play this game on all iOS devices. Find this game in the iOS App Store with a price of $14.99.

Want to enjoy Harvest Moon: Light of on Android smartphones? Don’t worry, Natsume confirmed that the Android version will also be available later this week.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope offers you an entirely new beginning. In a new land, players will start the game and begin a new journey after landing on a small harbor town because of a shipwreck. The town is pretty much deserted at this point, and your goal is rebuilding it.

Certainly, it’s not an easy job to build this town from scratch. To have your new home, you will have to complete some challenging tasks, including growing crops, gathering different kinds of materials and resources, starting a family, and rebuilding the old lighthouse.

There are some noteworthy features in this game, which you’re quite familiar with. You have quests to complete, and then unlock new areas in the town, gather important materials, grow and harvest crops and lots of tutorials to help you on the way. You can choose to be a boy or a girl in before starting this game, and later you can get married, start a new family with a special someone, and then you have to raise your children. These are the main elements of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is now officially available on iOS devices. Regarding the Android version, Natsume hasn’t confirmed the final release date yet, but it has been announced that the Android version will be available soon.