Mega Man is a name that probably all gamers have heard about at some point, and despite the fact that the franchise has been relatively quiet ever since after the release of Mega Man X8 back in 2004, Capcom seems like it’s always ready to bring back favorite characters such as X and Zero at a moment's notice. Over the years, they have made an appearance in countless fighting games, RPGs, and even card battlers. Now, we are getting a brand new Mega Man X game for mobile titled Mega Man X DiVE. Check out its teaser below:

Announced by Capcom Taiwan, this new game is described as an action/RPG for Android and iOS and it is currently under development. The description included with the trailer on YouTube also gave us a little bit more information: Apparently, the game will revolve around the “Deep Log” – the digital world where the Mega Man X series, as well as your memory as a player, is stored. Something has gone wrong with this world, however, and so all the stages, Mavericks (the description spells this as “Maverics”, but that could be a misspell) and characters from multiple Mega Man games are now mixed up. Thus, it is up to you to dive in, beat the Mavericks, and repair the game data.

Mega Man X Dive
Familiar characters will return in Mega Man X DiVE

Judging from that description, it can be speculated that this will be an "all-stars" project that features familiar characters and Mavericks from past games instead of a brand new story. No doubt this is an attempt to appeal to players’ nostalgia, which is a dangerous card to play. For a while, Capcom has been hinting at a revival for the Mega Man X series, and many fans have been hoping that a mainline installment is coming. As a result, they could easily be disappointed and even angry if the new game ended up being a mobile title. Just think of the backlash that Blizzard received after the announcement of Diablo Immortal late last year.

A new action/RPG that's currently under development

That said, the recently-released Mega Man 11 enjoyed decent success both critically and commercially, and the Mega Man X Collections was also met with mostly positive feedback, so it remains to be seen what Capcom has in store. It seems the studio is taking a careful approach to the matter, letting its Taiwan branch making the announcement to see how fans would react.