The pre-registration for Laplace M is currently open for those who want this game as it has ended its closed beta test. According to its official Facebook account, people can pre-register for the game on both Google Play and the App Store. The game will undergo some tweaks now before its OBT in the future.

In addition, pre-registered players will receive many rewards at launch. When the amount of pre-registrations hits 500,000, everyone will get the Permanent-Exclusive Back Accessory. It is known that Laplace M is an MMORPG game in which players try very hard to survive in the world of Laplace.

Laplace M 2
MMORPG Laplace M

Laplace M even went so far as to recruit Motoi Sakuraba, a music composer for many famous console games, to produce its background music. The gameplay completely revolves around magic, swords, and romance in the medieval setting. Players can choose among four classes like Mage, Assassin, Cleric, or Warrior. Each class will have two more advanced class options that players can choose to change to when they reaches a certain stage of progression. In addition, players are able to freely customise the characters thanks to the abundant avatar system.

The most special feature of the game is the Pokemon-esque Soul Cards in which players can capture their pets. They can also use the cards to summon the pets to fight with them against their rivals. Also, players can insert the cards into their equipment whenever they need, to boost their characters’ power.

Laplace M Pre Registration
Laplace M Pre-Registration

Those who want to pre-register for the game can visit the App Store if they use an iOS device or Google Play if they are Android users.

In addition, you can subscribe to the official YouTube channel to watch more gameplay videos in the coming time.

For further information, Laplace M requires players to use at least a dual-core smartphone that is running at least Android 4.4 with 2GB of RAM, or an iPhone running at least iOS 9 with 1GB of RAM.