After the success of the Metro Royale mode, PUBG Mobile is going to release the 1.2 updates soon and it will bring the game many new features and modes. The 2 new modes that will be in the 1.2 updates are the Runic Power Mode And Power Armor Mode.

Let's take a closer look at these 2 new game modes in PUBG Mobile to find out what is inside and how to play these 2 new modes.

PUBG Mobile Runic Power Game Mode

The new PUBG Mobile Runic Power game mode will last from January 12 to March 7.

In this mode, players can gain superpowers by collecting runes from another world. The battle royale gameplay is still the same but these superpowers will increase the chance of getting the Chicken Dinner for you. There is a total of 3 types of power runes in this mode Flame Rune, Arctic Rune, and Wind Rune.

Pubg Mobile 1 2 Update

Players can choose to use one rune only before each match. Each rune has a different power in battle but they all cost you energy to use. In order to get energy, you need to collect rune fragments around the map. Each rune will give you a  Summon skill and a Boost skill. It cost 10 energy to use Summon skill and 5 energy to use Boost skill.

Here are all the details about the power of each rune:

Flame Rune

  • Summon skill: Summons a burning wheel that rolls forward and deal damage per second to other players it touches.

Pubg Mobile Power Rune Mode

  • Boost skill: Give your ammo burn damage for a short period.

Arctic Rune

  • Summon skill: Summon an ice wall that is made of many ice blocks. These ice blocks can be destroyed.

Image 2 Pubg Mobile Power Rune Mode

  • Boost skill: Give your ammo a Freeze effect that reduces the healing effect of enemies.

Wind Rune

  • Summon skill: Summons a semi-transparent bubble that reduces the incoming bullet damage from all directions.

Image 1 Pubg Mobile Power Rune Mode

  • Boost skill: Increase your reload speed and movement speed.

PUBG Mobile Power Armor Mode

The PUBG Mobile Power Armor Mode will go live on February 5. In this mode, players will be able to collect pieces of the power armor to gain different power.

There is a total of 3 pieces of armor Chest armor, Arm armor, and Leg armor.

  • Chest armor: Reduce damage in the chest area and increase Backpack capacity.
  • Arm armor: Reduce damage in the arms area and increase melee damage.
  • Leg armor: Reduces damage in the leg area, fall damage and gives players the ability to sprint.
  • Full armor set: New ability Dragon Grenade.

To get your own power suit, you need to collect Nano Crystals and Power Armor Blueprints.

Players have 2 chances to respawn in this mode if their teammates go to the research stations. Players who respawn this way will have a basic set of equipment.

During the game, there will be Matrix events happened on the map that will affect all players. Here are details about all Maxtrix events:

  • Matrix Event 1: Increase regional supply output.
  • Matrix Event 2: Increase the numbers of Multiple Matrix Airdrops.
  • Matrix Event 3: Research stations will have Life Detectors that can spot the location of nearby players.

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