The new zombie mode Survive Till Dawn is currently the talk of the town among the PUBG Mobile community, and these walking dead certainly add a lot of fun into the mix. This mode comes at a result of a collaboration between Tencent Games and Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake. It was originally announced all the way back in December 2018 and is now available on both the Android and iOS versions of the game.

With Survive Till Dawn, the developers aim to deliver a memorable experience to players on the battlefield. If you, for some reason, have not tried this mode already, just know this: It is pretty challenging. It has always been tough to make it to the very end of a PUBG Mobile match, and now with hordes of zombies doing everything within their power to bring you down, things just get a whole lot more difficult. Thankfully, the developers are fully aware of this and have provided players a few new tools to help them on this quest to survival. Read on to know more details aboout these new weapons as well as the types of zombies you will have to face:

Special zombie weapons

Zombie grenade:

You use this as you would use any other grenade: Take it out, select a trajectory, and then throw it at your desired location. The thing is, when this zombie grenade explodes, instead of dealing damage or unleashing smoke, it summons zombies. Now that doesn’t sound too smart, does it? Why would you want MORE zombie in your game? Well, it is actually pretty handy when you find yourself cornered by human enemies. Throw this at their direction and the summoned zombies will attack them, which serves as a direction for you to either escape or strike back.

Zombie Grenade

Zombie vaccine:

PUBG Mobile has tons of consumable items. There are painkillers, first aid kits, syringes, and now there's the zombie vaccine. No, injecting it will not turn you into a zombie. Instead, it will help you heal quicker. This also acts as a new currency for this special event. If you manage to collect a certain number of them, you can exchange them for certain gifts and rewards.

Zombie Vaccine

M134 Minigun:

This gun has a magazine size of 200 rounds and uses 7.62 mm ammo. It has a 0.8 second of charge time before it can start firing. Once it does, though, it is capable of dishing out roughly 20 bullets per second, each dealing about 46 damage. This is the perfect weapon to mow down those annoying zombies. Note that it is very heavy, so you can’t go prone or get into a vehicle while carrying it. Your movement speed is also reduced as well.

Zombie Machine Gun


This is probably the coolest weapon in the game at the moment. It deals constant damage but consumes gas bottles (which can be looted from the world). The range on this weapon is 10 meters and if hit, the victim will burn for 4 seconds. This burn does about 200 damage to zombies and 45 to players per second.

Zombie Flamethrower

Combat knife:

This is the weapon to go for if you want to stay low. Of course, it requires you to get in close to your enemies, but it doesn’t make any sound for your enemies to detect you. The combat knife deals 90 damage to players with each hit (225 if you hit the head). Against zombies, the damage is doubled.

Types of enemies


Modeled after one of the most infamous bosses in the Resident Evil franchise, the Tyrant poses some serious challenge. If you do manage to defeat it, though, the reward will be worth it.

G (Stage 1):

This monster is most often found in the Raccoon Police Station and might drop the M134 Minigun upon death. If you intend to hunt it down for the loot, though, it is advised that you do so with a squad since G is extremely durable.

Pubg Mobiles Resident Evil 2 Crossover Event Is No


These terrifying monstrosities are deadly with their attacks. Try to take them down quickly with your squad before they get you.

Re2 Licker

General zombies:

The common zombies are relatively weak, but they come in huge numbers, so you can still be hard-pressed to fend them off or escape if you are not careful. They are pretty slow, though, so the best way to take them down is using a long-range weapon.