Addiction to the popular video game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) and its smartphone version PUBG Mobile has become a serious concern for many Indians. A lot of people are now calling for a ban of the game across the entire country, citing several incidents such as a man abandoning his four-month pregnant wife to continue playing the game as examples to support their arguments. Now, they will have one more story to add to the mix.

Pubg Banned
PUBG Mobile has been the target of much criticism in India. Many are calling for a ban on the game.

After draining the battery of his phone playing PUBG Mobile, Rajnish Rajbar from Maharashtra asked his fiancée's brother Om Bavdhankar for a charger. However, when Bavdhankar failed to find one, Rajbar reportedly became enraged, grabbed a knife, and assaulted his future brother-in-law. The victim has since been hospitalized due to severe injuries.

The incident actually occurred on February 7, but it was not until February 14 that the case of attempted murder was filed at the Kolshewadi Police Station in Thane district, Maharashtra.

So far, the case is still under investigation. The police have been analyzing witnesses’ statements to determine the main reason for the attack and see if there is any psychological issues or other causes behind it. Rajbar is yet to be put under arrest. Stay tuned for more details.

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The game is associated with violent tendencies?

Negative and violence behaviors caused by excessive playing of PUBG Mobile has become so serious of a concern that Gujarat has banned the country in all primary schools across the state. Meanwhile, 11-year-old Maharashtra-based Ahad Nizam made headlines several times when he filed a PIL to the Bombay High Court urging for a prohibition on the game, which prompted the court to demand a response from the government. However, the central government of India has not yet made any official statement.

Against all the accusation, Tencent Games promised that it would add new features to ensure that gamers play their game responsibly. The company also affirms that it is willing to listen to feedback from a multitude of stakeholders, from parents, educators, to government bodies.