PUBG Mobile has upgraded its anti-cheat system once again, ensuring a fair gaming experience for all gamers. This new method is called the “Safety Observation Period” – made using machine learning and artificial intelligence. This system would automatically scan the matches and identify players who are suspected of being a cheater.

Safety Observation Period To Counter Pubg Mobile H
PUBG Mobile introduced yet another new method to counter cheaters

How does it work?

When a player is marked, they would not be banned outright – instead, they would end up in a hidden pool along with other players who are also suspected of cheating. This is a pretty apt punishment – cheaters would be forced to play with their own kind, and if excessive cheating behavior still happens, that account could eventually be banned.

Dan Thuong Pubg Mobile Bi Ban Nick 3650 Ngay Va Th
You would see less of these messages from now on

Furthermore, players who are in “Safety Observation” would not be able to earn stats for their accounts, team up with other players, or even send spectate messages. They would also likely to be banned from ranked and only able to access a limited number of modes.

Why does PUBG Mobile introduce this?

This “Shadow pool” punishment is not something new in the world of gaming, as a lot of games with a ranked matchmaking system use it to prune out the cheaters from their systems. The new thing here is that PUBG Mobile is using AI and machine learning to hand out the bans. This is also the biggest update to an anti-cheat system for a mobile game to date.

Pubg Mobile Project Ban Pan Gaming Cypher
In the past, PUBG Mobile usually would release ban waves

Players who are in Safety Observation would probably be let out after a while - this would likely reduce the number of accounts permanently banned while punishing the cheater harsh enough so that they would not cheat again.

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