Ever since the beginning of PUBG Mobile, India has always been one of the most active regions with a lot of players, strong teams and the born of many everyone's favorite streamers and YouTubers. To be fair, PUBG Mobile was also the game that has litten up the gaming scene in India. Since it doesn't require a fancy expensive desktop and all you need is an average smartphone, literally, almost everyone has the ability to access the game. Plus, PUBG Mobile was released when the battle royale was trending but not everyone has a good enough PC to run PUBG. It was also the first battle royale on smartphone and it offered dynamic and unique gameplay that no mobile shooter game has been able to achieve before.

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PUBG Mobile has completely changed the gaming scene in India

But, PUBG Mobile wasn't just a game in India. It has grown to become an esports and an industry that people can live off. A big part of this success was credited to streamers and pro players. They were the ones who created the PUBG Mobile community in India by constantly creating new content, attracting new players, and creating an intensive competitive scene. Some of them even had their reputation reach out to international audiences and gained their love.

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Mortal is voted as the Fan Favorite in PMCO Spring Grand Finals

In order to honor people who have worked so hard for the Indian PUBG Mobile community, PUBG Mobile is making a documentary movie called "Be The One" about the 3 best and most loved Indian PUBG Mobile players Naman Mathur (SouL MortaL), Tanmay Singh (Fnatic ScoutOP), Gopal Sarda (OR Carry). The video will follow the three from the beginning of their journey through tournaments and their personal life so fans can understand more about them as an influencer and a person.

Be The One Trailer

According to the official PUBG Mobile Esports channel, the full movie will come out very soon so stay tuned to catch as early as you can.