Stories about the controversy around PUBG Mobile and its ban in India seems never-ending of late. News reporting cases of negative behavior associated with the battle royale, especially among youth, seems to be on the headlines every day. From an 18-year-old committing suicide when denied a new phone to play, to 2 men in their early twenties dying in a train accident because their attention was focused on the game, to a teenager stealing money from his father’s credit card to purchase in-game items, we have heard it all. Many parents, child welfare associations, and state ministers have spoken up to voice their concerns, leading to the game getting banned in several cities.

Pm Modi Pubg 1
Even Prime Minister Modi mentioned PUBG when answering a mother's concerns over her child's gaming activities

While it’s true that excessive playing of PUBG Mobile (the key word here is “excessive”) is harmful, banning it doesn’t seem like a logical solution. Compared to other major issues such as hunger, illness, or drugs, PUBG Mobile addiction seems quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Now, new information has just surfaced that might suggest that the game’s developer is going to introduce a new mechanic to help solve the issue. Note that PUBG has not released any official statement on this yet, so all of the following is still unconfirmed.

PUBG Mobile is possibly going to get a 6-hour play time limit in India. This means once you have spent 6 hours in a day on the game, you will have to stop. A notification will pop up to remind you that you’ve reached the time limit and ask you to come back on the following day if you want to continue playing. You will also get a reminder after two and four hours before the 6-hour mark is reached.

Pubg Timelimit Notic
The notification reportedly taken from the game

Again, this is unconfirmed information, but already there is a screenshot of this notification taken directly from the game, suggesting that it is highly likely to be the case. Furthermore, the developer also said that it has something to announce very soon.

If this is true, it sounds like a pretty reasonable solution. 6 hours of playtime a day is plenty. Unless you’re heavily addicted to the game, you should be totally fine with that limit.