PUBG Mobile has been really successful in keeping their player base hooking on to the battle royal – with new content updates coming in every few days. Each update would feature quite a few unique outfits and skins, and sometimes even balance changes. With the end of PUBG Mobile Season 8 being right around the corner, a lot of data miners have been hard at work to bring us some of the season 9 spoiler updates. Our list below will include some of the items that would be released in the next season of PUBG Mobile.

According to sources, when season 9 hits, the ranks of all PUBG Mobile players would be reset. Also, any exclusive items in the next season would only be available in the Royale Pass.

New skins and outfits in the next update:

According to various sources, the below outfits would be available exclusively in Season 9 to every player. The way to obtain them would probably be completing seasonal missions.

A new sleek looking outfit - with a hood

Kar98 Skin

A new coat of paint for one of the most popular sniper rifle, Kar98, will be released in the next season. If the info is correct, this skin would be available for players with Royale Pass only.

The awesome looking white Kar98

Season 9 Parachute

Vlcsnap 2019 08 13 20h15m51s413
The parachute with the S9 logo

A new skin for the parachute, painted with a logo of season 9 would be a reward for players that managed to reach Ace Tier in the next season.

Dacia Skin

Vlcsnap 2019 08 13 22h13m48s651
A blue Dacia would be very striking

Similar to the Kar98, this skin would only be available to players who own a Royal Pass, after completing a few missions.

Season 9 Airplane skin

The amazing plane skin

A new airplane skin would come with this season. It is currently unknown if this skin would be available to all players or just Pass owners.

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