Day 2 result & details

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Villager Esports - Pro Invitation Day 2 Standings

MG. Zed played consistently and kept their sharpness from the first day. They got high placements in every match and killed a total of 39 players throughout the day. The team earned 88 points in total with 1 Chicken Dinner, making them the uncontested winner of the tournament.

Team iNSANE went all out in the last 2 matches and that earned them 67 points in total and 1 Chicken Dinner in the third match.

Team Fnatic fell short and get eliminated fairly early in every match. They still managed to get a decent number of kills, 17 kills, but got too little placement points.

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Villager Esports - Pro Invitation Day 2 Standings

Entity Gaming and Team SouL probably disappointed the fans the most. The winner and runner-up of the PMCO Fall Split South Asia region ended the day with only 8 points and 30 points respectively. They really need to pick up their pace fast if they want to step on the international stages once again because the PMCO 2020 is coming very close.

Overall results of Villager Esport - Pro Invitational Finals

Thanks to their astounding performances in both days of the tournament, MG.Zed has crowned as the champion. With a total of 3 Chicken Dinner over 2 days, they easily got ahead of all other teams and earned 155 points in total. 7 Seas, a new force in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene, proved that they are just as strong as everyone else and went 2nd place with 100 points. Team iNSANE fought their way to third place with only one point less than team 7 Seas. Team Fnatic dropped to fourth place with 91 points, but they were still in much better shape than Team SouL and Entity Gaming, who were in 15th place and 17th place respectively.

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Villager Esports - Pro Invitation Overall Standings - MG.Zed was the winner