PUBG Mobile Web Series Dosti Ka Naya Maidan is an Indian PUBG Mobile series with a total of 5 episodes. All of them were welcomed by viewers with tons of good feedback. We have gone through the stories of many PUBG Mobile players, from a college student who tries to fit in with his friends to a young man who wants to be a streamer. This time, with the last episode released on Valentine's Day, we have a love story between 2 PUBG Mobile players who met randomly in the game through the random match-making. You can check out the whole episode on the PUBG MOBILE India Official YouTube channel or you can just watch it right below.

It's the dream of every male PUBG Mobile player that they can meet their half through PUBG Mobile to play the game and get Chicken Dinner together. Our lucky guy Nikhil actually met a girl in the game and managed to get a date with her right before Valentine's day. However, his date, Shilpa, is going to America to study in a month for two years. It seems impossible for them to become a couple, is it?

Dosti Ka Naya Maidan E05 Love In Erangel Valentine
The two decide to play one last game at the end of the date

Despite all the "great" advice that their friends give them for the date, they still managed to get on well with each other, sharing about their plan, personal problems, things in their life. The date ties up with their one common hobby, one PUBG Mobile match. They completely nailed the game together and Nikhil let Shilpa get the last kill that she has always wanted.

Dosti Ka Naya Maidan E05 Love In Erangel Valentine
They still play together even after Shilpa has gone to America

In the end, even though they are thousands of miles away from each other, they are still a couple and still play PUBG Mobile together every night.