Ankama is a French entertainment company with quite a lot of popular game titles that you might have been familiar with: Drag’n’BoomCosmobot, and Tactile Wars. Now be prepared for a new game from them that looks impressive. This new title, King Crusher, is a “sliding puzzle action/adventure game” that has employed the classic RPG/roguelike mechanics in a unique and original way to bring players a dynamic experience.

The game is available for both iOS and Android devices

You will be playing the role of a King’s Hand. In the King’s mind, owning just his kingdom is definitely not enough, and there should be only one King in this entire world: himself. You have to control a group of troops to battle against the enemies from another country. Bear in mind that the level of your rivals increases quickly, so use the strategies wisely to win the game. More details of King Crusher are revealed in the game's trailerCheck it out below:

Looking at the trailer, it is easy to notice that the animations of the game are outstanding. The characters are designed nicely, yet once you enter the game, there will be more attack tools, landscapes and evil enemies that also look impressive. You will be directing a group of twelve members from different classes, and there are 3 modes in the game. One interesting mode is the ‘daily challenge mode’ where you can fight against competitors worldwide in a shared battle. Use the signature move of this game: slide motions to claim the thrones of the other kingdoms for your king!

Screen 9
The Arcade game is friendly for players

With all the new features, the great mechanics and the attractive artwork, King Crusher is definitely a game to be expected. It will be available on both the App Store and Google Play store on January 9th. Mark the date and download the game as soon as it arrives!