Re:Legend is a long-awaited title from Magnus Games, an indie game studio from Malaysia. Back in November, we have had the chance to look at the 1-hour demo gameplay of the game. This demo has told us many about the details of this new title.

The story of Re:Legend:

In the game, you will take on the role of a protagonist who has lost his/ her memories. At the start, you will be found and rescued by Papa Pia - a Penguin with blue skin. After that, the town mayor will help you settle on the island, where you do farming to earn a living, and try to gather your memories scattered around the world.

Relegend Will Begin Alpha Testing In Febuary Next
Character creation

In general, the storyline is easy and simple, there is a mainline for you to follow but you are also free to explore the surrounding however you like it. Exploring around will help your character progress as well! Sometimes, you have to acquire Magnus (a creature unique to this world) to complete some missions and since Magnus appears randomly, you might need luck on your side.

About Farming

Relegend Will Begin Alpha Testing In Febuary Next
Farming in Re:Legend

You will be given a huge plot of plan to grow crops. Planting, fertilizing, and watering, you will have to do all those to have a good harvest. You could use the crops that you grew to tame and train your Magnus.

To store all the Magnus you have caught, you will be given a warehouse. You could also use your Magnus to do the farm works ( harvesting and watering), but only when they like you enough!

About Combat

Relegend Will Begin Alpha Testing In Febuary Next
Combat in Re:Legend

In the demo, there is 4 main type of weapons: bow, blades,  staff, and sword. But from the developer said that there would be more types coming. To use the weapon, you left-click the mouse for normal attacks and right-click for charged attacks.

To support your weapons, you could also use runes to add combat power. Just like potions or scrolls in other games, there are many types of runes which will give you different power like healing or increase movement speed. Though, when using them you should also account for the cooldown time.

Alpha testing

So in the demo one month ago, the game seemed like it was already in a pretty decent state with its fishing, farming, Magnus taming, village building, crafting and beautiful background music.

Now we have just received news about the upcoming Alpha testing of the game, the test will start on February the 9th of next year! They will soon send you a code if you are a Kickstarter backer of the game.  For the rest, let's hope this test will be quick and we will all get to enjoy the game soon!