PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, is a game that has dropped a bomb on basically every platformof late. Officially released in December last year, the battle royale title instantly took the world by storm and quickly became a common topic of discussion in schools, offices, and other public places alike. Not only that, but it has also got a dedicated eSports tournament that attracted the attention of many pro gamers and fans. The mobile version, PUBG Mobile, has seen massive success on both Android and iOS as well. The popularity of PUBG is undeniable, as it is proven by hard statistics.

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New research performed by Jana, an Internet service provider, shows that PUBG is regarded as one of the most popular online games of 2018. Not only has the game gained a share of 61.9%, but its success has also far surpassed other competitors such as Fortnite, Free Fire, or Rules of Survival. In fact, the highly-hyped Fortnite, often seen as PUBG’s biggest rival, only got an overall share of 8.5%.

While PC was the platform that PUBG made its debut on, the launch of the mobile version earlier this year brought the game to every nook and cranny of the world. This led to its popularity skyrocketing in countries such as India, a place where mobile gaming is dominant due to reasonably-priced smartphones and the boom of 4G Internet brought about by Reliance Jio. The research found that about 73.4% of PUBG's traffic originates from mobile devices, while the PC counterpart only makes up for 5.6%. This is due to the fact that PUBG Mobile doesn't cost money to play and has been optimized for devices of lower specs. Furthermore, publisher Tencent Games also came up with PUBG MobileLite, a version specifically designed to run on budget smartphones.

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The research also shows that a large number of PUBG players, 24.3% to be exact, spend at least 8 hours every day on the game. Meanwhile, those who play less than two hours a day make up 15.9%. Furthermore, it seems that Indian players mostly fight for the Chicken Dinners when the sun is down: 52.6% of surveyed subjects said that they prefer to play at night, while 6.1% also play during school time and 2.1% play in offices as well.

Furthermore, Indians make sure they use PUBG Mobile for more than just entertainment. Approximately 46% of Indian players said they often use the in-game voice chat to discuss not only game tactics but also other topics as well. A whopping 28% also utilize the quick chat feature for the same purpose.

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Of course, like other free-to-play mobile games, PUBG Mobile makes money by selling in-game items, and it has done an incredible job at that. Over 70% of Indian players reported that they have spent up to Rs 370 on the game, and some even went as far as Rs 1,400. A large part of this spending is on new clothing and weapons, while a smaller number is on crates.

However, there is also a large number of participants that have never played PUBG, and 48.9% of these people said that the game’s huge download size was the obstacle that prevented them from trying it. The higher data requirement is also a big reason why 22% of subjects shied away from PUBG, while 7.2% said they didn’t like the graphics.

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Whether these numbers are meaningful or not entirely depends on each person’s preference, but there's no questioning that PUBG is a crucial element of the digital world. Moreover, the developer is also keeping the game fresh by frequently adding new content such as a day/night cycle and new maps like Sanhok and the upcoming Vikendi. There are constant bug fixes to provide players with the best gaming experience as well.