We reported in late September that Rome: Total War – Alexander, an expansion of the classic strategy title Rome: Total War – was making its way to Android devices as well as iPhones after having been available for iPad for 2 years. Now, it has finally arrived. Not only that, but the iPad version has also received an update as well, which adds several quality-of-life improvements. Check out the game’s trailer below:

Alexander is often regarded as the greatest challenge for Rome: Total War players. It was made to provide new content for those who have already completed the base game and the first expansion, Barbarian Invasion. We reviewed the Total War collection a while back and believed it's a must-play for any RTS fan.

The mobile version promises to the same experience as the original Total War – Alexander on PC, but with an overhauled UI that better fits the touchscreen. It’s also worth noting that if you already have the iPad version, you’ll get the iPhone version through a free update, so don’t worry about having to purchase it again if you already have before.

Rome Alexander
If you already have the iPad version, you will get the iPhone version for free

The new features added during the creation process of the Android port have also come to the iPad version as well. Details about these are included below:

  • Unit stats (hp, ammo, etc.) are now displayed above their heads, and you can now command units of the same group to move at the same speed.
  • Firing distance of missile units is shown via new range markers.
  • Enhanced zoom on the map and battlefield.
  • Redesigned character and faction screens.
  • You can now opt to hide the battle UI to see things clearer.
  • Unit navigation on the Campaign Map has been improved.

Alexander Map
Many quality-of-life changes have been added

Rome: Total War – Alexander is available for download right now on both Google Play and the App Store. It's a premium app priced at £4.99 (Rs 450).