In 2018, an Apple engineer named Walter Huang was killed in a crash while driving his Tesla Model X SUV. His car slammed into the safety concrete barrier on the road in Mountain View, California while running the Autopilot function of the car. The investigation of the National Transport and Safety Board (NTSB) has come to the conclusion that he might be playing mobile games on his phone at the time.

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The Tesla accident in 2018 happened because the driver was playing games on his phone

When the crash happened, Walter Huang has made no attempt to stop the car nor change its direction to prevent the accident. As a result, his car crashed at a speed of 70 miles per hour into the barrier and got struck by two other cars afterward. The man died in a hospital from his fatal injuries.

The NTSB said that the car was running out of control becasue of the combination of many factors such as "faded lane lines, bright sunshine..., and a closer-than-normal vehicle in the lane ahead." Tesla's automatic break and forward collision avoidance system did not activate.

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Other cars also got caught in the accident

The NTSB mentioned that this accident is very similar to other Telsa's accidents. They were caused by the distraction of the drivers. Tesla's vehicle only has partially-automated systems and not a self-driving car, even though Tesla has been suggesting otherwise in their advertisements and promoting the idea of playing video games while driving.

Tesla has been promoting the idea of playing games while driving their vehicle

The Chairman of the NTSB, Robert Sumwalt, compared the danger of partially-automated driving accidents to the current outbreak of Coronavirus, which killed 2,700 people worldwide so far according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

It is not sure that there will ever be a self-driving vehicle in the future, but people need to be careful when using Telsa's Autopilot under all circumstances.