Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, it has amassed quite a dedicated fanbase that consists of players who only play Switch-exclusive games. Not only is the device a great follow up of the PS Vita, but it also possesses a unique portable design and a vast selection of first-party titles and indie choices. The Gardens Between was released in 2018 by The Voxel Agents and it's a fantastic puzzle game with stunning visuals.

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Many objects from the couple’s childhood can be found scattered around

Pre-order is currently available for the game and base on this recently released trailer below, we can see that there are lots of neat features for this upcoming iOS version of the game:

The story surrounding “The Gardens Between" is one about two friends Frendt and Arina, who fell into a variety of islands with gardens, in which many objects from the couple’s childhood can be found scattered around. You as the player will guide the duo on their quest to uncover their own memories from their past childhood through a series of exotic puzzles and stunning visual effects. The game’s premium release on the iOS platform can be played in both orientations of either portrait or landscape. Moreover, if you own an iPad Pro (the third generation), you can experience the game at the frame rate of 60 fps (frames per second). The game also fully supports the screen of iPhone X screen.

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The game official release will be on the 16th of May

The game's official release will be on the 16th of May, however, if you are currently eagerly waiting to play this award-winning game on your iOS device, you can pre-order the game now for $4.99 (Rs 355) on App Store. As can be expected from this upcoming release, the price of this release is much lower than that of the Switch version, which is $19.99 (Rs 1400).