Coming close to their 15th anniversary, Type-Moon - most known for the Fate series - has announced a new smartphone game named Capsule Servant. According to them, this new game is a part of the "Fate/Stay Night 15th Celebration Project". Capsule Servant is being developed by DelightWorks, the studio that responsible for the Fate/Grand Order mobile game.

According to the devs, the new Capsule Servant game is a PvP-style tower defense game, where you summon Servants using points to attack and defense your base. The gameplay of this game is familiar with another famous mobile game in Japan - "The Battle Cats".

In-game screenshot

There will be two characters for the players to choose: Rin and Shirou. There will also be over 50 servants from different series in the Fate franchise for you to collect and summon into battle.

In fact, this Capsule Servant game originally comes as an extra mini-game in the PSVita release of Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. In this game, as Rin or Shirou, you will compete with other masters from the Fate franchise to be the winner of the Holy Grail war. According to the developers, the game will feature many famous characters from the franchise, including Matou Sakura, Waver Velvet, Kotomine Kirei, etc.

In-game screenshot

Along with that, the confirmed list of Servant including:

  • Saber: Fate/Stay night
  • Saber Alter: Fate/Stay night
  • Siegfried: Fate/Apocrypha
  • Lancer: Fate/Stay night
  • Zero Lancer: Fate/Zero
  • Knight of the Lake: Fate/Zero
  • Rider: Fate/Stay night
  • Pegasus Rider: Fate/Stay night
  • And many more Servants from the franchise.

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The game is a part of the 15th-anniversary celebration project from Type-Moon

This new Capsule Servant Tower Defense game is set to be a single payment app, with no microtransaction features in the game.

Coming to their 15th Anniversary, Type-Moon is planning a big anniversary event, with exhibitions and live-show currently scheduled. Many fans have hoped that Type-Moon will announce the remake version of Tsukihime in this anniversary, too, but that's unlikely.

Capsule Servant will be available Android and iOS in Winter 2019.