Cosmic Top Secret could be the strangest mobile game project ever. Why you ask? It’s because it draws inspiration from a crazy story in real life.

Trine Laier is a Danish filmmaker and animator. At some point during her childhood, Laier began to notice various things that gave the indication that her parents were spies of the Danish Defense Intelligence Service in the Cold War.

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Cosmic Top Secret is a game about a woman who discovered her parents were spies

To discover the truth, Laier started filming videos and recording videos of her parents. In 2012, she used these footages and recordings to make a thesis film as her graduation project for the National Film School of Denmark.

The film impressed everyone who saw it, and the Danish Film Institute suggested that Laier turn it into an adventure game, and funded the whole thing.

Since then Laier has been working hard on this project, which is named Cosmic Top Secret. The game is worth playing just because of the story behind it alone, but that is not to say the gameplay is not interesting. In fact, many people have said that it’s great. Check out the trailer below to see what the game is like.

Cosmic Top Secret Trailer

Not many people follow indie games, but if you are one of them, you probably have heard of this game already. Even when it was still in the development stage, it had already won several awards. Over the last couple of years, Cosmic Top Secret has received a lot of recognition. Everyone who had a glimpse of the game was blown away.

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Uncover the truth in a paper world

All the material used in Laier’s thesis film was integrated into the game, from the video clips to the recordings. The world of Cosmic Top Secret is made of paper, as are all the characters inside it. The protagonist is a fictionalized version of Trine Laier, known only as “T”. She moves around by turning into a crumpled ball of paper. Her purpose is to uncover the secret history of her father.

The exciting news is, after so many years in the making, Cosmic Top Secret is finally launching on iOS on Android on November 15.