As everybody knows, hacks and cheats are an ever-present issue that has plagued the gaming scene pretty much since the dawn of video games. Most games, be they offline single-player or competitive multiplayer, are vulnerable to cheats, and PUBG Mobile is no exception. Many players have complained about their matches being ruined by hacks, especially China.

This has been a thorn in the side of game developers since forever, but nobody has yet been able to come up with a thorough solution. Hackers and cheaters are nigh impossible to keep track of due to their sheer number. Every time a hack tool is eliminated, another pops up almost instantly to take its place.

Pubg Hack
Hackers and cheaters are a plague in pretty much every video game, PUBG Mobile included

This article will summarize some of the ways you can avoid meeting hackers in your game. Before we get into that, though, let’s divide these hackers and cheaters into groups to better analyze their behaviors.

Group 1: Those who have little time to play (60%)

This type of players makes up the majority of the hacker/cheater community. They are, for the most part, busy people who don’t have much time and play only to entertain themselves. Thus, they are often unskilled and tend to die a lot, and as we all know, it’s hard to have fun when you keep getting eliminated early. This frustration makes them turn to cheating.

Usually, these players have only 1 account and are afraid of getting banned. As a result, they only use minor hacks and are not very dangerous.

Group 2: Trollers (30%)

Unlike group 1, these people are extremely aggressive and dangerous. They play games a lot and find fun in the frustration of others. Of course, the most fun you can have in PUBG Mobile is killing, so these cheaters like to land in hot spots. One way to identify this type is that they usually use offensive and provocative language in chat. They barely even try to hide the fact they’re using hacks and will get banned quickly, but it seems they don’t really care. Ban one account, they’ll just make another. As long as they can keep ruining the game for others, that’s all they care about.

Photo 2 15535023341701026862865
Some people just want to have fun at the expense of others

Now you might be thinking, “They only land in hot spots, so I just have to land somewhere else to avoid them.” Wrong! When these players have decided to troll the game, they won’t stop in one area. After clearing their initial landing place, they’ll grab a vehicle and go around, and if you get caught in their crossfire, you’re most likely screwed. This is especially prominent in smaller maps such as Sanhok.

Group 3: Those who want to be famous but are too lazy to practice their skills (8%)

This group cheats because they want to climb to higher ranks but don’t have the skills to do so. Since they don’t want to lose their accounts, they are not too blatant with their hacks and thus are very hard to detect. But “very hard” doesn’t mean impossible. You can spot these players if you’re perceptive enough, especially if you are one of their victims.

Screenshot 20180323 130848 01 01
Some people turn to cheat tools because they are unskilled

For “clean” players, when spraying at a moving target, the accuracy tends to be not great due to several reasons such as recoil, distance, obstacles, etc. Even for professional players, hitting 7-8 bullets out of 10 in a spray is already a very impressive number. As a result, the victim can at least hear bullets flying past them. When shot at by a hacker, though, you’ll die instantly without hearing anything, since their accuracy is pretty much 100%.

So, those are the three main groups of hackers, and now we’ll move on to answer the main question: How to avoid them? Keep in mind that it’s impossible to avoid hackers completely, and the following tips will just help minimalize your chance of running into one.

1. Play less popular maps

Hackers and cheaters often play popular maps such as Erangel and Miramar since these maps have longer time and often yield more points than others. As a result, playing newer maps will reduce the chance of encountering hackers, mostly those of group 1. If you want to avoid group 2 and most of group 3 as well, then Vikendi should be your main focus.

Vikendi is your best bet if you want to avoid hackers

2. Avoid crowded areas

Most players tend to jump in hot spots as those are where the fun is. Unfortunately, they are also where most hackers make their home.

If you play PUBG Mobile primarily on your phone, the odds of meeting hackers might be a bit smaller, but on PC, it’s a different story. Many players used to like to camp outside crowded places to ambush those who come out after the initial fights, but this strategy is hardly viable anymore since most of those who make it out of those places alive are veteran hackers.

Photo 5 1553502334183146934885
Camping outside hot spots used to be a common strategy, but now it's not too viable anymore due to hacks

3. Play in the first-person mode:

This is likely the most effective way to avoid the third group of hackers mentioned above because the first-person perspective heavily limits the capacities of hack tools. Auto-aim is basically everything you have to deal with if you play in this mode. If you are good enough, you can totally overcome hackers and cheaters. This solution has been implemented by PUBG Mobile players for quite a while and as a result they see the rate of hack/cheat reduced significantly.

Photo 6 1553502334186203489655
Playing in the first-person mode significantly reduces the odds of encountering hackers

Aside from gamers, the developers are also very adamant in their effort to combat this plague. Anti-cheat programs are constantly being worked on, and harsh punishments are issued to those who are caught cheating. Back in December 2018 – January 2019, PUBG banned nearly 30 thousand players, including 16 pros, for using hack tools. Hopefully, they will continue to work on this so that we will finally get a clean and honest community.

So there you have it! These are some of the ways you can try to minimalize the chance of meeting hackers and cheaters in your games. Have fun playing!