In recent years, the quality of mobile games is improving day by day in order to bring the best experiences to players. Some games even have PC and console-quality such as Asphalt 9, Shadow Legends and PUBG mobile. However, these games require a powerful GPU and high RAM smartphone to be able to run smoothly. Moreover, to make these games reach its top performance, the smartphone also needs other features like overclocked processors or good RGB lighting. Therefore, many smartphone brands  including Asus, Nubia, Xiaomi, and Razer are making gaming-centric phones.

Playing PUBG on Nubia Red Magic

Some of the technology fans already tried to play PUBG on one product of Nubia - the Nubia Red Magic. After several trials, they found out why gamers should use gaming smartphone to play games. This video below shows up the experience of one top reviewer.

As you can see clearly, the display of gaming phones is obviously better than normal phones. The phone has a full HD quality with vibrant color that makes player easier to view angels and spot the enemies from a longer distance.  Besides the Nubia Red Magic, Asus ROG Phone also gives the same experience, or even better. The speed of the Asus product is better, which makes the game run more smoothly than Nubia’s. However, we should consider the prices of two phones before deciding which is better.

The display of the Asus ROG is better than regular phones.

Similar to the display, the sound is also better. For some games like PUBG or CS: GO, the audio is a crucial element. It helps you detect enemies near you even when you can't see them, giving you an advantage. The best sound system belongs to the Razer phone, which can bring the most genuine experience. However, Nubia Red Magic and other cheaper gaming phones are still able to provide better audio output than normal phones.

The third advantage is Processing power which makes gaming phones outweigh regular phones. For example, both the ROG Phone and the One Plus 6T have Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset; but the ROG Phone performance is still smoother. Besides, the performance of the Nubia Red Magic is on par with the Xiaomi Poco F1 even though the Xiaomi phone has Snapdragon 845 while Nubia only has Snapdragon 835. The reason behind this is, when turned to gaming mode, the processors of these phones are overclocked, which removes any bottleneck created by the chipset manufacturer to make the processors last longer. However, this also means that the heat generated when you play will be bad for the hardware in the long run. Asus even has a vapor cooling accessory to go with its phone to combat this.

Image result for pubg mobile gaming phone
PUBG runs on gaming phone more smoothly thanks to the overclocked processors.

The last one is Software optimizations. The Android system allows OEMs to intervene and customize the UI. Therefore, Xiaomi is able to add heavy skins like MIUI while Razer and Nubia can optimize the software to play heavy games better. Their optimizations can make GPU, CPU, and RAM focus completely on the task that is being run as well as creating a balance between performance and battery. You won't have to worry about anything when playing games for a long time. Moreover, you can select these mode based on your needs: high performance or battery saver, or balanced mode.