Sunny Leone is the most favorite 18+ actress in India with a huge number of fans everywhere around India. According to a recent report of  Pornhub, she is the most searched actress across the 5 big cities in India, including New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

Lately, she has gone out of her way to make a bikini collection for her fans to entertain while staying under the lockdown of the coronavirus. The actress released a bikini collection of herself called '12 Days Of Summer' on her Instagram consists of a total of 12 sets of photos with different poses in different places. Let's go check it out together below.

1. Sunny Leone The Wild Sexy Army Girl

Sl 1
Sunny Leone shows her wild side with a strong black and brown suit along with a jeep


Sl 3

2. Sunny Leone - A Sexy Art Sculpture In The Pool

Sl 4
A colorful bikini make Sunny Leone absolutely stunning in the pool

3. Sunny Leone - A Sweet Sexy Lady On The Horse

Sl 5
Sunny Leone with a sweet pink bikini will take away all your sorrow

4. Sunny Leone - Hot Summer Jungle With Orange

Sl 6
The orange bikini suit make Sunny Leone looks hotter in the summer sun while blending with nature

Sl 7

5. Sunny Leone - Simple And Sexy In Purple

Sl 8
A simple purple bikini suit yet it makes Sunny Leone looks glamorous

Sl 9

6. Sunny Leone In Shinning Silver

Sl 10

7. Sunny Leone Beautiful In White

Sl 11

Sl 12

8. Sunny Leone With The Perfect Tanned Skin

Sl 13

9. Sunny Leone Make All The Rocks Looks Smooth

Sl 14

Sl 15

Sl 16

Sl 17

10. Sunny Leone - Hawaiian Girl A Trip

902068 Sunnyleone Swimsuit10
The pure naive girl on a trip

11. Sunny Leone - Sexy Black Bikini In The Pool

902070 Sunnyleone Swimsuit12
Black is the way to go to make the summer even hotter

12. Sunny Leone - White Sand, Blue Bikini

Sl 18
White sand and yellow sun make a perfect background for the blue bikini of Sunny Leone

For more pictures of Sunny Leone, you can check out her Instagram at @sunnyleone.