At the start of 2019, card game fans have been treated a great meal with Slay The Spire, an addictive roguelike card game from Mega Crit Games. In early 2020, we are going to have had another similar card game coming out on Steam's Early Access as well.

From Seenapsis Studio, we have a new card game called A Long Way Down, which combine card battler with roguelike dungeon crawler RPG elements You can check out the trailer of the game below.

You will lead a party of 3 adventurers max through a dungeon to fight against monsters, the final boss, and solving puzzles along the way using your cards. You will be provided with a basic deck at first with basic cards. You can collect more cards during your journey to build a powerful enough deck to defeat the dungeon. You might encounter other adventurers while wandering in the dungeon who can be the allies that will go with you for the rest of the journey or just more enemies that you have to deal with.

But the game is not all about battling monsters and people with your cards though. The dungeon is full of broken paths where you can fix with your cards. You can follow these paths to further explore the dungeon more or you can just focus solely on getting out of this place as soon as possible.

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Use your cards to create your path in the dungeon

The battle system is turn-based and is very much similar to Slay The Spire. You have 3 mana that will replenish each turn. Play your cards will cost you an amount of mana, depending on which card you play. There are multiple types of cards with different uses and purposes. You can deal damage, raise your defense, cast poison, heal,... Cards can also be upgraded to produce a stronger effect.

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You have 3 mana every turn

Each dungeon in the game is procedurally generated so you will never have to through the same dungeon over and over again. Each playthrough is totally different which forces you to adapt and make the best out of what you are offered.

Every card you pick up, every choice you make will affect the result of the final battle. In each dungeon, there are some missions that you need to take care of before proceeding to another dungeon. Also, you will have to encounter some really hard morality choices which might change the way you think about your journey.

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Explore the dungeon or focus on the mission? It is all up to you

Apart from picking cards for your decks, you can pick items and craft weapons for your characters. Do you prefer to use a staff or do you want to swing a sword?

The game has an art style that is somewhat of a mix between Slay The Spire and Don't Starve with 2D painted characters, monsters, and cards.

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The game features the same art style to Slay The Spire with 2D painted characters and monsters

Feeling excited about the game yet? Because A Long Way Down is going to be available soon on January 16, 2020, through Steam Early Access for PC with a price of only $14.99. There will be also a version for Nintendo Switch for the same price.

The Early Access version is currently being finished by the developer to add a new interface, special effects, redesign some characters, and make the game more balanced. The Early Access version will have about 2-3 hours of gameplay with a total of 40 cards, three characters and many different kinds of monsters. The developer planned to keep the game in Early Access for 4 to 8 months.