Dark Souls 2 is currently sitting on the throne of the unarguably most divisive game out of the three entries from the legendary Dark Souls series. However, it clearly was not intimidating enough as a streamer nicknamed m_d_c_t is not afraid at all and braving this dangerous game through playing it wearing a full-on armor suit.

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The Dark Souls 2 game is the most divisive game out of the Dark Souls series

I have always had this belief that the thrill one can get from beating any sort of video games will undoubtedly be doubled if you manage to accomplish it while wearing a full-on armor suit. It is, after all, a giant metal outfit that people designed as something to keep other people from being killed by lances or swords.

However, due to its safe and solid design, it is only natural that it has a significantly negative impact on your moving and seeing capability. This may have been the reason that the unique streamer m_d_c_t got so animated after he was finally able to beat the boss Sir Alone Alonne.

Sotfs Alonne
Sir Alonne

After going through a long and hard fight, he was finally able to take down this notoriously hard-to-beat boss. During the fight, he was able to get through without receiving a single hit while wearing the undoubtedly heavy and sight-limiting helmet. That is the reason after finally beating the boss, he was rewarded with a worthy special animation.

In this new world that is so full of zany gimmicks on Twitch or Youtube from streamers, I do enjoy something relatively simple like his action of playing a Dark Souls 2 game, and not just playing it, he managed to play it so well despite being hinged by a full-on armor suit that must be quite heavy and restricting. As can be observed from his previous videos, this streamer also have a tendency to do some quite fantastical voices of Dark Souls. Now, if you are nodding your head in absolute enthusiasm, this may be a great chance for you to enjoy some Dark Souls 2 streaming content.

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