If you have not heard of Gloomhaven, it is regarded by many as one of the best board games ever made. Originally released in 2017, it quickly became the top ranked game on the respected board game website Board Game Geek and stayed there for much of the following year. If you have not had the chance to try it out yet, it’s going to be much easier for you to do so, as a digital adaptation of the game is set to enter Early Access on Steam this month, courtesy of video game developer Asmodee Digital.

Asmodee has had many quality digital ports of acclaimed board games to its name in the past, several of which we’ve reported on before such as Talisman: Origins or Zombicide: Tactics & Shotguns. As a result, this upcoming release seems like it’s in good hands. Check out its trailer below:

In term of gameplay, Gloomhaven is a combination of between tactical RPG, dungeon crawling, and deck-building. You’ll pick from 17 available characters to progress through the story, fighting multiple types of enemies and uncovering a world-changing plot in the process.

A combination of between tactical RPG, dungeon crawling, and deck-building

Perhaps the most notable change that Gloomhaven brings to the traditional dungeon-crawling formula, however, is that it removes luck entirely out of the equation. Normally in dungeon crawlers, most actions demand that you roll a dice to determine the outcome. Gloomhaven, meanwhile, allowing you to create your own deck of cards with many useful abilities. Thus, you’ll have to rely on tactics to overcome the various challenges that the game throws at you.

Gloomhaven Strategy
Strategy will be the key to success

This digital adaptation will also feature a roguelike mode. Further details about this mode are currently unclear, but it’s certainly intriguing to see what modifications the developer will make to the gameplay to turn it into a roguelike experience. Furthermore, the team also promises that it’ll add lots of new content such as new characters, enemies, and more over the early access period.

Gloomhaven launches in early access on Steam on July 17.