The Twitch streamer 'sprEEEzy' burst into laughing when receiving a threatening message of a PUBG stream sniper. This sniper was banned after trying to destroy his broadcast. The streamer was playing PUBG on his stream when this sniper attempted to ruin his match.

Banned PUBG Stream Sniper Got Insane

Twitch streamer showed his audience a threatening message from the stream sniper having tried to destroy his games. In the message, the sniper called ‘sprEEEzy’ a beggar. He also claimed that he didn’t care about the ban and that he could easily buy and create another account as PUBG is only 10 euros. He swore to keep ruining sprEEEzy’s games in his message to the streamer, leaving him doubled up with laughter.

SprEEEzy continued to read out loud the message and broke into laughter when seeing the ending ‘cheers love’. The streamer even encourage him “Keep it up man!” and praised this funny sniper that he was doing well.

The Funny Troll

This stream sniper has been annoying sprEEEzy for many times in his stream. However, the Twitch streamer thought that this sniper hasn’t been good at it enough. Then, he showed a funny moment in his match when the sniper’s car rolled down the hill to speEEEzy. He shouted “He saved me”, added that the troll saved him, and kept saying “Incredible”. As the blue zone was coming, sprEEEzy thought he would die out of the play zone.

But he soon heard the sound of a vehicle coming and he knew he was saved. Although his games were crashed, the Twitch streamer seemed to be excited in the whole broadcast. He laughed at the troll’s attempt and the “cheers love”, too.

SprEEEze was getting the airdrop far outside the safe zone with no vehicle when the sniper came in his car. The troll got out of the car and tried to shoot at the streamer with his Mini-14 attached with scope x6 when the car kept rolling towards sprEEEzy. That was a funny scene.