Would a computer AI be able to defeat esports professional players at their own game? In the past, we will say no to you guys without hesitation. But not, things are changed. We have reported about an AI by Deepmind (a Google-owned artificial intelligence company) defeated 2 StarCraft II pro players with the score of 10-0. But now, there is a new AI by OpenAI which can take down the current Dota2 The International’s 2018 champions – team OG.

Og Dota 2 Team Red Bull Esports
Team OG Dota2 at the moment

OpenAI is a nonprofit program by Elon Musk – the famous CEO and founder of Tesla. QpenAI has been working on this Dota2 AI for some time, before bringing it to a show match with team OG on April 13th.

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Elon Musk – the famous CEO and founder of Tesla

5 players of team OG took on 5 AI players in a standard Bo3 series, which happened at the OpenAI Five Finals in San Francisco, California. And the result of the match has gone against all the prediction of everyone.


All the people who watch the competitive scene of Dota2 know how strong team OG is at the moment. However, the AI team has surprised every single viewer by its aggressive strategies, namely reviving killed teammates by in-game currency in the early stage of the match (no pro teams in this game do that). And thanks to those aggressive strategies, the AI team took the first game.

Dota27 261500
The AI team has taken game 1 with aggressive strategies

Not stopping there, the AI team went on to win the second game of the Bo3, thus claiming the final victory in the match. In game 2, the AI team only needed half of the time of game 1 to get the victory. We can say it bullied team OG in game 2 of the series.


Mike Cook, an AI specialist and also a player of Dota2, has had many tweets commenting on this special event and the surprising victory of team AI.


Team OG still remains a claim and constructive spirit after being defeated by the AI of OpenAI. They called themselves #TeamHuman and announced that they would throw themselves into intensive training after this defeat to have a better result next time.

Screenshot 2
The tweet from team OG after the loss

After the AI team has claimed its victory, a lot of tweets about this incident have been posted. Most of them concern about the possibility that the AI will take over esports eventually.