Respawn Entertainment introduced several major changes to the gameplay of Battle Royale matches in Apex Legends Season 21. One notable adjustment is that the first supply bin a player opens now guarantees a weapon, provided they are unarmed. This modification decreases the initial randomness of matches, enhancing the likelihood that players will find a weapon to defend themselves. Before this update, players often faced the risk of opening multiple supply bins without finding a weapon after landing.

Apex Legends Supply Bins
One notable adjustment is that the first supply bin a player opens now guarantees a weapon, provided they are unarmed.

In spite of the change to supply bins, an element of luck remains as the specific weapon inside cannot be predicted. However, a Reddit user named ProudActivity874 discovered that several guns have a higher spawn rate in Season 21. In a recent post on the Apex Legends subreddit, he detailed the findings of their study, in which he played 100 battle royale matches and documented the first weapon he found in a supply bin each time.

Apex Legends Supply Bins Weapons

Unfortunately for those hoping to find one of Apex Legends' top-tier weapons in a supply bin, the odds favor less powerful options. According to ProudActivity874, the most common weapon to appear is the P2020 pistol, which he found in 10 of the 100 matches he recorded. The next most frequent weapon was the Mozambique shotgun, appearing nine times. While the player did encounter some of the season's more powerful weapons, such as the Havoc, Wingman, and Volt, these were significantly less common. Notably, Triple Take was the only weapon he did not find during his test.

When sharing his findings on Reddit, ProudActivity874 explained his testing methodology in detail. He ensured that opening supply bins was their immediate action upon landing, without collecting any guns or loot from the ground. Special supply bins were not included in their study. Additionally, if a supply bin contained multiple different guns, each was counted individually, but if it contained multiple instances of the same weapon, it was counted as one.

These results intrigued many in the Apex Legends community, garnering hundreds of upvotes and numerous comments. As Season 21 progresses, it will be interesting to see which guns Respawn Entertainment might tweak and how the meta evolves. Further, there is always the possibility that the developer could adjust the spawn rates of certain weapons in supply bins.

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