Like so many card games, not all the cards in Artifact are treated equally. Some are worthless, only used as a fodder to recycle. Some others, are in high demand, which leads to their price sky-rocketed. And the list below are the most expensive cards in the game, along with their price on the Community Market, as the time of this writing.

Blink Dagger ($1.73)

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Just like in DotA, Blink Dagger is a highly useful and universal item and can be used on any types of decks - regardless of colors. In Artifact, this card can mode the hero wielding it to another lane every turn, which raised the mobility of heroes to another level. Due to that usefulness, Blink Dagger is currently the most expensive uncommon card in the game, with a price of $1.73.

Cheating Death ($2.44)

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Due to its unique properties, Cheating Death is the most annoying card in the current meta. When you have a green hero, this card will provide a 50% chance to survive lethal damage to all units in the hero's lane. This card makes the battle become a game of luck, especially when two users of this card fight against each other.

At Any Cost ($2.95)

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At Any Cost is the weaker and cheaper version of the blue board clear spells. While it currently sees less play than its big brother "Annihilation," the card is a crucial anti-aggro card and something to bring in whenever aggro gives you a hard time.

Unearthed Secrets ($3.12)


Unearthed Secrets is a Green improvement that can be stuck on your weakest lane for extra card draw. Due to that reason, the card is a favorite choice for users of Green/Red decks.

Tinker ($4.57)


Tinker is a black hero that zaps down enemy units and comes with a strong signature card, March of the Machines. This signature card can deals damage to the enemy tower and each enemy in the lane over multiple turns. Due to its usefulness, Tinker is a popular hero in Red/Black aggro decks that are some of the top decks on the meta right now.

Emissary of the Quorum ($4.65)

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Emissary of the Quorum is a Green creep that is popular in ramp and combo decks. Its active ability permanently buffs all of your units in the lane and can be used every turn, which means that it can rapidly snowball the opponent, provides that they have no counter. However, this card costs eight mana, so it can't be deployed early in the game.

Horn of the Alpha ($4.00)

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Horn of the Alpha is used in decks that can amass a lot of gold quickly. It costs 25 gold from the shop, so getting one to your hero is no easy task, but it allows the hero to summon a powerful Thunderhide Pack (14/14, siege 6) every other turn, putting immense pressure on the opposing tower.

Time of Triumph ($8.02)

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Time of Triumph is the ultimate red finisher. The card will turn all your heroes in the lane into superheroes—permanently. Because of that, when this card is down on the field, it's pretty much a secured win.

Annihilation ($8.38)


Say hello to Artifact version of Black Hole, from Yu-Gi-Oh! This card will destroy everything in the lane with one big, fat explosion.

Kanna ($8.89)


At 12 health, Kanna is the tankiest blue hero in the game. Blue cards usually have some great spells and need its heroes to survive to cast them, which makes Kanna a high-tier blue hero. Her signature card, Prey on the Weak, can summon a large board when there are multiple damaged units in the lane, and making that happen with blue is a walk in the park.

Drow Ranger ($13.57)

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Drow Ranger’s passive effect provides more attack for all of your units in all lanes and her signature card, Gust, prevents the opponent from casting spells in the lane for a turn. Her power makes it's impossible to find a green deck without Drow Ranger.

Axe ($17.91)

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Red heroes, like the strength heroes in DotA, are typically big and tough, and Axe is no exception. However, Axe also has two armor, which makes him no-sell attacks from regular creeps. Furthermore, whereas most red heroes have weak signature cards, Axe has Berserker’s Call, which allows a big hero to wipe out nearby enemies and clear the path to hit the tower. Because of his overpowered nature, Axe is currently the most expensive card in the game, with a price of $17.91.