Now fans of BLACKPINK's Lisa know about her other hobby

The TCCAsia's Most Beautiful Faces vote held by TC Candler crowned BLACKPINK's Lisa as Asia's most beautiful woman of 2019. The female artist is known for her incredible singing talent, eye-burning dance moves, and natural beauty. On top of that, she also scores with numerous traits and hobbies that directly relate to her fans.

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The gorgeous Kpop idol was crowned TCCAsian's Most Beautiful Woman of 2019

The famous Kpop idol Jeon "Somi" So-mi runs a reality show called "I am Somi" on Youtube. The show features the daily life of hers as well as her guests, who mostly are Kpop artists. The recent episode 5 of "I am Somi" saw the appearance of a BLACKPINK member - Lalisa "Lisa" Manoban.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch Hero 1
Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently caught on
The episode began with the two idol meeting at the headquarters of The Black Label - a sub-company of YG Entertainment in Seoul, South Korea. Lisa brought her own Nintendo Switch to show the audience her favorite game, Animal Crossing.
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a life simulation game from Nintendo. The game has been catching on for about 1 month now,  since the coronavirus pandemic. It has a huge player-base, with numerous famous idols such as Lisa, even the host Somi can't resist the game's attraction. 
Animal Crossing New Horizonslisa Somi
The two Kpop idols really enjoy the game

"My character is the cutest," Lisa said as she showed it to Somi and producer Teddy Park. Teddy immediately pointed out the difference between Lisa's and Somi's character: Lisa's looked very much like a child while Somi's resembled an old lady.
Animal Crossing New Horizonslisa Somi 2 1024x576
Lisa and Somi laughed at Teddy Park's comment

While she was playing the game, Lisa caught a fish that worthed 15,000 bells, and immediately praised as "the great fisherman". Even Somi seemed to be jealous of the rare catch.
Prior to Lisa, another BLACKPINK member, Kim "Jisoo" Ji-soo also plays the game daily and gave 25,000 bells to Somi on her last appearance. 

Animalcrossing Lisacatchesbigfish 1024x576
BLACKPINK's Lisa caught a 15,000 bells fish

The idol's fans can see clearly the attraction of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game's concept is rather simple, just build your island and participate in small activities such as fishing, picking flowers, and catching butterflies. However, it gives a strange appeal that even Kpop idols can't resist.



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