Except for books and movies, video games are a great alternative way of telling a story and arguably the most interactive. Through time, games have become more graphically detailed, this means more appealing for gamers. The location and scenery with a wide and varied choice is a major aspect which appeals to players. And the location we are talking about can be anywhere in the world, it includes India. The main location is set in a vast country, while specific areas are altered for fictional purposes. India has been the location for several games in both new and old video games.

video games set in india

So here are the amazing video games which are set in India:

  1.   Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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India introduces Modern Warfare 3 shortly after the events of the previous game. India is a significant location, although it is only featured for a small part of the game. Nikolai takes protagonists Price and Soap to a safe house after killing antagonist General Shepherd at the end of Modern Warfare 2. The protagonist’s safe house is situated in a dense town filled with houses and shops. It is located in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh and is soon invaded by Vladimir Makarov’s Ultranationalists. It is full of life which quickly becomes deserted once the invasion starts. From then on, gunfire and explosions cause the once scenic location to become ruins.

The detailed graphics ensure that even in chaos, fine details are captured with damaging building and burning cars. The setting sets the scene for the rest of the first person shooter.

The action and the town setting of India are ensured to make Modern Warfare 3 become one of the best games to feature India as a location.

  1.   Tomb Raider III

During the 1990s, in the classic for the PlayStation, it has five locations which must be played for the player to progress and the first one of Lara Croft’s third adventure in India. Surprisingly, developers Core Design chose India as one of the five locations by accident. The team decided to “just take a globe, spin it and see where it lands”, according to producer Mike Schmitt. What is amazing about the portrayal of India in Tomb Raider III is that real landmarks are in the game.

This means it was chosen based on whether it was an interesting location or not. In this level, Lara is looking for the legendary Infada stone – one of the crystal meteorite artefacts in the game. This stone is deeply buried in the jungles of India which is home to various animals native to the country and there are a few Baboons, Tigers and Cobras which are provided an obstacle during the first level.

The iconic River Ganges forms the basis of the third chapter. Throughout the level, players can see pixel versions of ancient temples within the dense jungles filled with secrets, such as weapons.

India has been captured in a fun, retro adventure, this leads to the fact that Tomb Raider III is one of the best video games of the 1990s.

  1.   Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Silent Assassin was released in 2002, the Hitman franchise is one of gaming’s most popular stealth franchises and this is the second installment.

There is one mission which has three parts and is set in the Indian state of Punjab where Agent 47 is sent to assassinate a Sikh cult leader named Deewana Ji. During the 1980s where many innocents were killed, he was responsible for a Sikh uprising. Since then, no outsider has dared to venture into the territory, until Agent 47.

Small shops and houses fill the environment. Additionally, it is complete with a huge ancient gurdwara that has marble inlays, murals, and gold domes.

Furthermore, Agent 47 years to get past guards is known for the range of unique disguises. This disguise can be worn to truly be a part of Punjab is a traditional kurta complete with a turban. The portrayal of India in this sample of video games vary depending on the type of story told.

As you saw before, this game was released in 2002, but it has a stunning amount of detail put into the environment for an authentic depiction of India. As well as that, one of the chapters in India opens with Agent 47 getting out of an auto-rickshaw. Whereas some have actual landmarks for an authentic feel, some have a historic looking India with fictional landmarks for storyline purposes.

Only time will tell whether more games will be set in India in the future, as gaming technology develops, India within video games will become much more vibrant and appealing to look at.

  1.   Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The mountains of Tamil Nadu, India in the midst of a civil war is where the latest in the highly popular Uncharted franchise is set. Players control popular character and fortune hunter Chloe Frazer who seeks the Tusk of Ganesh with the help of mercenary Nadine Ross.


It serves as a backdrop for Chloe’s own backstory followed to The Lost Legacy’s narrative. Throughout the story, she explores her Indian roots which allow the player to see a whole new side to her, one that gamers did not know to exist.

Even though some landmarks are fictitious, the Lost Legacy captures the essence and beauty of India. From the lush landscapes with open fields to the haunting, yet pretty ruins of ancient temples captures the spirit of India’s scenery.

Because the natural diversity of the Western Ghats allowed the developers to explore different settings, it was chosen to be a location in the game. It includes jungles, mountains, temples, and large urban environments. In addition, the iconography and deities of the country were also appealing to them.  

After released, the game received positive reviews with many people praising the strong-willed character of Chloe. The Lost Legacy‘s scenic portrayal of India as well as positive reviews makes it one of the best games set in India.

  1.   Assassin’s Creed Chronicles

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Released in 2016, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles was a series of video games comprised into one. There are three parts which were released one at a time and the second part was set in India.

As we can see while much of the scenery has been adapted for fictional purposes, vast palaces take over the landscape. Plus, it is also a landscape filled with color, giving a visual appearance of graphic novels.

This game is set two years after the events of graphic novel Assassin’s Creed: Brahman. Gamers take control of Arbaaz Mir, who must protect his friends and lover while stealing back a mysterious item which belonged to the Assassin Order. And this chapter takes place in 1841 in Amritsar while the Sikh Empire was at war with the East India Company. Additionally, the weapons resemble traditional swords such as an Aruval, Urumi and a concealed Katara with Bagh Naka.

There is no denying that the stealth-like action in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles makes it a great India-located game, although the game received mixed overall reviews.

  1.   Princess of Persia: The Sands of Time

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This adventure game follows an unnamed Prince and the army of his father Sharaman who passes through India to visit the Sultan of Azad. This is where most of the game is set in 2003.

A local Maharajah’s Palace is besieged following an alliance between Sharaman and the Maharajah’s Vizier in India. The Prince betrayed his Maharajah in an effort to capture the Artifacts of Time. He captured the Dagger and then accidentally releases the Sands of Time, transforming the population into monsters. Through the platform puzzle gameplay, the Prince works to correct his mistake. The game is located in and around many fictitious Palaces which are set in ancient India where the Prince does his fight. The scenery has a range of depth from sophisticated Palace rooms to green, bushy gardens. And there is a key mechanic who is using the Dagger to rewind time if a mistake is made, and using it to kill and freeze enemies.

With many reviewers praising the story and action gameplay, it was one of 2003’s most successful game. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time as one of the best games set in India thanks to its critical acclaim establishes.