Residents from Paradise, California have recently experienced the most bizarre Camp Fire throughout history. The flames from the incident burnt down hundreds of houses and left a terrifying scenery.

A tragical incident with terrible damage

As stated by USA Today, the mentioned Camp Fire destroyed more infrastructures than six most damaging other wildfires in the land of Northern California. Up to now, the casualties have hit 81 while 870 others are currently missing. “The total death counts may not be known”, said Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea. Below is a tweet regarding the horrible incident.

A lucky gamer and his family made it through the fire

Fortunately, many residents managed to pull through the disastrous occurrence, including a gamer’s family. Sadly, his home and all the belongings, including his gaming collection, didn't make it. The man, as well as his wife, who are living with his friend at the moment, contacted Bethesda and explained their dreadful situation. In times like this, gaming shouldn’t be anywhere near his top priorities whatsoever. Nevertheless, it is mentally better to try and get over from the incident, escape the reality by jumping in a new game.

56c8a1e15bf5a8a2b6096e6c62513f22Bethesda, a famous American video game publisher for their Fallout franchise

Bethesda and their valuable support

Obviously, Bethesda agreed. Hence, the studio gave him a Fallout 76 Edition Power Armor, a Pipboy 2000 and an Xbox X - Tricentennial Edition with Todd Howard’s signature on it as well as a letter from the guy. OhmyfgMuffins, a friend of the gamer and also the on to post the story on Reddit revealed even more. He also received some shirts, a mug and a full Xbox collection of Bethesda. “Awesome stuff” he said. The friend was so happy to see the smiles on their faces again. He felt relieved that after all this, they could still have something to enjoy with each other. He expressed a sincere gratitude towards Mr. Howard for his considerably precious time and effort.

Bethesda gifts the man loads of Fallout gear after the Camp Fire incident

In fact, Bethesda has stepped in and helped people in a unique situation many times in the past. A dev from Bethesda once drove 4 hours to get a copy of Fallout 76 for a seriously ill 12 years old kid. His parents were worried about the worst thing could happen to him before the release of the game. Thus, the boy could play the game earlier than everyone else in the community.

Bethesda previously granted a seriously-ill kid a nice little wish